About Us

Remote Care Partners is a formal joint venture including three companies and other founders with long experience in healthcare. It leverages the resources of its founding companies and other founders but is independent.  

RCP is not marketing its services to patients, instead its clients are health care organizations adopting new care models outside of the office.   It addresses the key needs of any health care organization adopting these models from devices, connectivity, reporting, and patient support.

The RCP business model is innovative, too.  No setup fees and a joint success business model. Per patient management fees depending upon service configurations selected. Superior ROI for almost any application---but the best part---patient health can often be dramatically improved by the delivery of these services.

RCP offers the following:

•Innovative Hub for patients that greatly simplifies using at-home devices and communicating that data to their healthcare professionals
•Wireless network connectivity, leveraging the “internet of things” that is always on, always available, and that requires no user set up
•Inventory of devices to support health care organizations including shipping to offices and patients
•Ordering and new patient setup
•A complete patient management system that can be accessed by authorized staff members via portal on a PC or apps on smart phones and other devices
•Automated alerts or alarms to care managers should data from patients fall outside of expected ranges
•Reminder capabilities via text message or automated phone call, and soon, a complete patient app
•Patient support for questions or issues with equipment
•Automated time tracking and billing support for Medicare and other  programs
•A platform to deliver additional planned new services

The Team

Remote Care Partners (RCP) is a new company established by MessagePro, Hive Revenue, Aspenta Wireless, and health care industry veterans. The founders recognized that to fully deliver a comprehensive solution for health care organizations adapting to new payment models, remote care initiatives, and increasing patient engagement outside of health care facilities, a comprehensive and expansive set of capabilities needed to be organized, and that a true working partnership could deliver a better solution at a faster speed than a traditional start up.


The MessagePro team provides much of the technology that drives RCP services. MessagePro is 15 years old and almost 50% of its revenue is in health care, primarily around messaging for appointments, care management, and check in services used by a major insurer, over 1,000 medical offices, and a growing number of home care agencies.   MessagePro is a cloud-based service provider offering voice calling, automated calls, text messaging, secure messaging, appointment reminders, and sophisticated care management services to health care firms.  It’s 35 associates are primarily focused on technology development and cloud operation of sophisticated communications services.  Gregg Smith, the CEO of MessagePro is also the CEO of RCP.  James Gledhill, CTO of MessagePro is also the CTO of RCP and oversees a staff of almost 25 in building the applications and infrastructure to support its operations.  Don Davis, the CFO and Secretary of MessagePro, is Secretary of RCP.

Aspenta Wireless

Aspenta Wireless and its predecessor companies have been in wireless services for over 30 years and operates its own facilities and has roaming agreements that provides nationwide coverage. Aspenta fully manages all subscribers on its network using its own software and its wireless cloud-based infrastructure that can fully manage standard wireless devices, customized devices, their own SIM cards, network registrations, and network traffic. Aspenta also has worldwide roaming agreements for both voice and data. Much of their work is with iOT applications today including award winning applications with location-based tracking products and government contract applications. Joe Morgan, CEO of Aspenta, is SVP of Network Development and Operations for RCP.

Hive Revenue

Hive Revenue is a 25-plus year revenue assurance company working with primary care physicians and other medical practices with an innovative and highly effective approach including its eCairn software. Hive is located in Atlanta and Macon, Georgia. While billing and the support services required are a primary focus, the company also assists practices identify new revenue opportunities and to also organize their practices to significantly increase productivity, patient satisfaction, and profitability. Adam Strange, CEO of Hive Revenue, is an SVP of RCP and leads the Business Development Group. Donna Murphy, founder of Hive Revenue, is SVP of Product Development for RCP.

Industry Veterans

Steve Harkness is the CEO of Post Acute Care Solutions and consults with primary care physicians, home care agencies, and skilled nursing facilities.  He has 30 years of experience with BayCare and his own family’s home care agency. He is developing both the Channels strategy and directly approaching health care organizations for RCP throughout Florida and the Southeast.

David Myers is a major operating partner for Sunflower Home Health Care, headquartered in the Jackson, Mississippi area with six offices and almost 1,000 active patients.   David is a financial professional, former CPA, and has extensive experience in corporate development. David is serving as the Chief Administrative Officer of RCP and also oversees financial management.

Our Unique Team Delivers

Software architects, wireless network experts, health care organization operations and billing professionals, and health care organization executives with regulatory experience are all part of the RCP Team

software development

Software Deveopment

wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity

our ecosystem


real time

Your firm does everything I need to adopt remote care programs from inventory to patient setup and support and data collection. This works with our patient workflows much as we do today---my staff certainly needs to support the programs but RCP minimizes what’s new. The practice of medicine is changing---and the opportunity is to make it better. RCP will be a valued partner in assisting us to get there.

RCP Participating Physician

Our Mission

Healthcare can greatly benefit from the advances in computing and network connectivity and linking patients and care managers is the founding mission of RCP.

The RCP Smart Hub eliminates patient setup requirements, simply plug it in, and it’s in effect a cellphone without a keypad. Included in the Smart Hub is a Bluetooth chip set that can be easily configured by RCP to interact with a wide range of equipment. RCP’s service set is the easy-to-deploy data collection and equipment monitoring needed to support remote care management programs.

RCP also stocks the equipment  inventory needed to support patients. Inventory can be drop shipped to individual patients or to partner medical offices for direct hand-off to patients.

RCP also provides a complete portal and apps for staff members to use on almost any device.   Patient adherence is also improved by automated text messages and outbound calls reminding patients to use equipment. Many remote care programs also require time logging by care managers to all time spent on RCP portal and apps is logged. All data collected by devices and any interactions with patients is also logged as part of the platform.

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