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Expedites COVID-19 Monitoring Solutions

RCP COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Solution Is Available for Immediate Deployment by Healthcare Providers

  • Supports automated daily interaction with at risk patients
  • Includes library of interactive scripts
  • Allows simplified entry of patient lists via file import
  • Initiates initial patient calls or texts within 24 hours
  • Identifies calls/texts as originating from healthcare provider
  • Permits simultaneous access by office and remote employees
  • Sends out-of-parameter text/e-mail alerts
  • Provides logs/reports necessary for administration and billing
  • Advances transition to long-term patient monitoring 

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Individuals over 70 or those with chronic medical conditions have been identified as having significantly higher risks of severe and/or fatal cases of COVID-19 and have been asked to isolate themselves at home.

Fear of COVID-19 spread has led patients to be afraid to visit their physician. Physicians are now encouraged to reduce high risk patients access to their office.

The current crisis NECESSITATES that all healthcare providers immediately initiate and embrace remote patient monitoring services today especially in regard to older Patients and those being treated for chronic conditions. 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced immediate expansion of Medicare coverage to aggressively promote remote patient monitoring particularly for at risk Patients.

RCP’s COVID-19 Monitoring Solution

RCP’s powerful web based interactive messaging functionality can provide healthcare providers with the critical ability to check in routinely with COVID-19 at risk patients or all patients of a particular practice. Via pre-established scripts assigned on a per patient basis and automated voice calls and text messaging, healthcare providers can easily and seamlessly connect with patients and collect data relative to their medical conditions without direct staff involvement.

Sample COVID-19 Prompt Script:

"Have you taken your temperature today?"

"To tell me your temperature, you can say it like ninety-eight point six or you can enter it on the keypad of our phone. Please tell me your temperature now"

"Have you experience any new symptoms such as coughing?"

"Have you experience any new symptoms such as shortness of breath?"

"Would you like a call back from your Care Team?"

"If you feel you are in an emergency, please hang up and call 911"

"Thank you for sharing your health status. I will report these responses to your Care Team. I will be in touch again as per our regular schedule"

With typical COVID-19 implementations, if any of the above questions are answered by the patient in the negative or the provided temperature is above an established threshold, a text or e-mail alert will be immediately sent to your designee and that patient record will be put on the top of the log list viewable by the health care provider.

Advantages of RCP’s COVID-19 Solution

  • No unique healthcare provider or Patient equipment required
  • Scalable for 10 patients up to 25,000 patients
  • Nationally recognized text to voice engine and cloud-based architecture
  • In-application Patient calling with click of a mouse
  • Logging/tracking of provider/staff time at the patient level
  • Enrollment of Patients through file import
  • Waiver of all setup fees and no long-term commitment
  • Published Business Associate Agreement (BAA) compliant provider 

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Reliance on remote monitoring is critical to establishing a patient-centric care model. RCP programs allow you to use our powerful tools to better manage patients remotely.

With our Chronic Care Management Service, providers can utilize our survey and response system to support close to 100 medical condition. Reports are provided to support Medicare CPT codes 99487, 99489 and 99490 which have been reimbursable since 2017.

Our Remote Monitoring Services moves from patient self-reporting to automatic recording o f patient physiologic metrics via our proprietary Hub and medical equipment with Bluetooth interfaces using cellular not wi-fi connectivity. We offer true plug-and-play connectivity where the patient does not have to download an app or manually enter a reading. Interfacing care plans with our technology enables your staff to proactively react to medical issues in an expedited manner


  • Pricing shown is charged to the provider
  • All Set-up Fees Currently Waived
  • Equipment Charged Separately w/Zero Interest Terms Offer
  • Cash Flow Positive From Month One

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/month per patient

remote patient Monitoring

Device Reported Monitoring under CMS CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99091. 

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