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 New Jersey Cancer Care

"We are recommending that all our patients participate in the Remote Care Management program. As you use the devices to take frequent measurements at home, the readings are securely transmitted to our office. This simple process enables us to have consistent insight into your health status and make any necessary adjustments to your medical treatment between office visits."

What Is Remote Care Management?

These are quite extraordinary times we are living in. In an effort to help and keep lines of communication open, New Jersey Cancer Care is innovating and adapting to meet your needs. We have already implemented virtual health services such as telemedicine, and now we are excited to announce our latest advancement in patient care through our recent partnership with Remote Care Partners. New Jersey Cancer Care will now be offering Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). RPM is a valuable tool because it provides you care between office visits with an emphasis on keeping you healthy and out of the hospital.

The way RPM, works is simple. Depending on your clinical needs, monitoring device(s) is(are) sent to you along with a SmartHub. You simply plug in the SmartHub and take a measurement on a device. The device will then transmit your data directly to your provider with each reading you take. This will allow us to better manage your healthcare needs.

While this program is new, the results of active data collection is improving the health and quality of patients nationwide. This information has enabled medical practitioners to adjust medications in ways that have kept patients out of the Emergency Department and Hospital. This will become the standard of care for our practice and become a permanent tool in patient care.

Frequently Asked Question

How much will the program cost?

  • The devices are paid for by our practice for your use while on this program.
  •  Right now due to the pandemic there is no cost to Medicare patients.
  •  Post Pandemic, Medicare currently covers 80% of the program and leaves the remaining 20% as a patient due coinsurance and if you have a secondary coverage, it should pay.
  •  Medicare Advantage plans have a co-pay. While the coinsurance averages around eight dollars a month, some cover it all.

Do I need an internet connection/smartphone or any kind of special app?

  • Absolutely not, all these devices come with batteries and are strictly "plug and play”.
  • This means that all you need to do is plug in the patented SmartHub, and then take your vitals using the devices sent.
    What is done with the readings?

What is done with the readings?

These are used to make medical judgments such as changing of medications, diet, or anything that falls under the realm of your care.


Do I need to call the office if I have an unusual reading?

The answer is no, a member of your care team will contact you through text or phone if we need to reach you.


How often will I need to use the devices?

I do ask that you take a reading at least once a day with the goal being at least 16 readings over the course of a calendar month.


What do I need to do to sign up?

Just click the button below, submit the form, and a member of our care team will then call you to educate you on using the equipment, answer any questions that you may have and help you in taking your first device readings.

If you prefer, you should have already received a letter in the mail from us about this program. To participate, all you need to do is review and sign the Patient Consent Form that was in that letter. There is a pre-addressed, postage paid envelope in that letter as well. Once your consent form is received, we will order and ship you your SmartHub and devices. A member of our care team will then call you to educate you on using the equipment, answer any questions that you may have and help you in taking your first device readings.

To assist in this enrollment process, we are utilizing a knowledgeable Call Center that can answer any questions you have. Please call 800.867.0524 and a remote patient monitoring assistant will be happy to help you.

We look forward to your enrollment in this program and helping you stay healthy.