Chronic Care Management by RCP serves patients with minimum impact on your Workflows

Improved Patient Outcomes, Maximum Financial Returns, Mimimal Distruption To Workflows.

  •  Activity Detailed, and Financial Reports
  • EMR Integration
  • Condition/Patient Specific Surveys
  • Care Plan Creation and Management


Patient/Caregiver App and Portal

With smartphone applications and web-based portals for the patient and the caregiver, health information can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Patients control how much of their information is available to their caregivers, while caregivers can get alerts and critical reminders about the patient's health.


Nurse Coaches and Care Teams

Our nurse coaches play a crucial role in CCM programs by helping to improve patient outcomes, increasing patient engagement, and improving communication and care coordination. They provide the patient interaction required for a successful program without burdening your staff.



Text and voice reminders are a vital part of creating patient engagement. This includes reminders to use devices, upcoming office and telehealth appointments, and to take medications..


Care Plan Creation and Management

Care plan management plays a vital role in enhancing patient-provider communication. It ensures that both parties are on the same page regarding treatment goals and strategies, thereby improving medication adherence. The RCP platform facilitates the creation, implementation, and monitoring of personalized care plans.

While creating a care plan, RCP considers several factors that include the patient's lifestyle, socioeconomic status, co-existing health conditions, and personal preferences. The ultimate goal is to deliver care that is personalized, efficient, and scalable.

Our centralized, accessible system makes it easier for Nurse Coaches and care teams to track progress and make necessary adjustments. This facilitates better patient outcomes and proper documentation for easier reimbursements from Medicare and Private Payers.


Eligibility Qualification and Practice Set Up

Our team of data professionals performs advanced analytics on your patient population to ensure that only eligible patients are enrolled in the program.

Our enrollment team makes sure your practice is set up to maximize the benefits of CCM for your patients and your staff.