Quick Start Program

RCP makes Remote Care patient friendly and easy to deploy for health care organizations. It?s just like ordering and setting up a service on almost any website.

RCP?s experience with practices deploying Remote Care has led to the development of its Quick Start-No Risk Program.

Why It Works

  • Practices can launch remote care management with just a single doctor and clinician enrolling patients
  • These practices often start with just a few patients in the first week or two and then accelerate deployment rapidly
  • Other physicians in the practice and their staffs then easily follow
  • RCP provides a no risk program to the practice for adopting this approach

How It Works

  • RCP or your practice enters basic information on a sign-up form (2 minutes)
  • RCP sends for you to execute a BAA (for HIPAA requirements) and simple agreement between RCP and you
  • You receive via e-mail user credentials (usually to the clinician and physician) typically within 3 hours or the latest, the next business day
  • You can start enrolling patients right-away but we also typically provide a 15 to 30 minute training session, it?s almost not necessary as the service is intuitive, however, it is helpful to quickly review how the program works
  • Enroll your first patient!
  • Since this is a trial, your patient will be asked to sign a consent form acknowledging that this is a pilot program and that it may be converted at any time by the practice into a fully functioning service. A copy will be sent to RCP prior to shipping any equipment to the patient.

What Happens Next

  • RCP has enrolled your patient into the system
  • RCP ships directly to your patient the equipment they need to participate in the remote care management
  • The patient plugs in the Hub and it immediately works?no pairing to a cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth or linking to Wi-Fi, it?s ?Plug and Play?
  • The patient uses the applicable device and the data is captured by the Hub and forwarded to RCP and made available to the practice (you will see the data in the portal)

  • RCP automatically tracks all time spent reviewing patient records and allows manual entries for other time spent with the patient

  • RCP portal provides complete patient management tools with all data captured:
    • Care plan (if applicable)
    • All data captured from devices
    • Reminder calls and texts to patients to remind them to use devices
    • Alerts for patients with measurements from devices outside of ranges
    • Complete time tracking
  • RCP billing services
    • RCP before month end provides reporting on time spent on each patient
    • RCP optimizes billing file for billing codes applicable to patient and time spent during month
    • RCP can submit billing on behalf of practice to CMS without affecting existing billing arrangements

How Our No Risk Fast Start Program Works

At the end of the calendar month

  • You are limited to 10 patients or less with our no risk fast start program unless otherwise agreed with RCP
  • if you are happy with RCP services----and you sign an agreement, RCP will submit your billing to Medicare and you are fully operational (and earn money from the Fast Start program)
  • if you are not happy with RCP and would like to terminate the program, simply return the equipment to RCP and there will be no billing to the practice (RCP will coordinate the return with your patients if you prefer)