Improve patient outcomes, reduce office visits by patients, & still receive substantial Reimbursement from CMS and private payers

Remote Patient Monitoring

Use home monitoring to improve patient outcomes and reduce the number of office visits by patients, while still receiving substantial compensation from CMS and private payers. With Remote Patient Monitoring from RCP, we handle patient enrollment, setup, and support to minimize the workload on you and your staff.

  • No setup for patients with the RCP SmartHub
  • Patients do not need an internet connection or smartphone
  • Earn up to $2400/patient/year
  • Free Patient Enrollment Support: Direct mail, enroll by mail or phone, live agent support
  • All devices shipped directly to patients

The RCP SmartHub

No Internet, WiFi, or Smartphone Required

When the patient receives their devices, they simply plug the SmartHub into a wall outlet. No need to download an app. No need to synch anything. The SmartHub does it all and it works on a cellular network so no internet connection is required. 

SmartHub and devices are shipped pre-paired No set-up required by the patient




Pulse Oximeter

No Touch Thermometer

Blood Pressure Cuff