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Your Single Source for Deploying Remote Care and Chronic Care Programs

Enroll your first patient today---RCP can have your practice up and running almost immediately

  • significantly improve patient health
  • Payers recognize benefits of better patient care and reduced utilization of expensive facilities
  • Significant income for healthcare organizations providing remote care to patients
  • Works for both fee-for-service and ACO or other value based care models

By partnering with Remote Care Partners, you can almost instantly launch your remote care management programs! There are no upfront fees and you are virtually guaranteed to be cash flow positive with the first patient in the first month! Remote Care Partners provides patient devices (drop shipped to your patient), a clinician portal that provides patient set up, management, detail and/or exception reporting, time tracking, and billing. Optional patient management services are also available.

Get started today: just click here and take advantage of our no risk Quick Start program!

Why Now?
It's Simple and It Works!

Remote Care programs from Medicare were first available in 2019 but the early reports have all been positive for patients and the benefits to Medicare. This example report from the National Institute of Health covering 6,000 patients points to the benefits of remote care. 

CMS announced new improvements to the rules in 2020 that are even more beneficial to providers including more program flexibility and not capping payments per patient for monitoring services.

Medicaid, in certain states has already introduced their own programs (often disease specific) so the opportunity is expanding rapidly to other payers. Most expect private insurers to follow with their own programs.

Transform Your Practice While Improving Patient Health
Medicare programs for remote care management can generate over $100 per month in per patient profitability. Practice income can be increased significantly with many physicians expecting 35% or more increases in profitability.

This simple income model is shown net of expected costs including labor (whether in-house staff or outsourced patient management). If you want 1 patient or thousands, your practice will be cash flow positive month 1 when you partner with Remote Care Partners.

RCP Makes This Easy

You can deploy remote care management for Medicare patients today! Simply fill out the Quick Start form and spend 15 to 30 minutes with our staff helping you set up your program.

Here’s how easy it is to get started with RCP!

  • Submit the "Get Started" Form
  • RCP sends one or more user credential sets to a staff member
  • RCP walks your staff through setting up patients, monitoring the device data, and an overview of how it all works---it’s intuitive and takes 15 minutes or less!
  • You can sign up your first patient today (we do need a standard licensing agreement)
  • Try it and if you aren't satisfied with our service, return the equipment and no bill will be sent!*

* It's never happened - but you get our guarantee for the first 45 days of operation or first bill submissions to Medicare, we are then engaged for the patients on the platform.

There is no upfront investment.
RCP structure assures cash flow positive results on patient 1 in month 1.
Up to 45 days, no obligation guarantee.

Healthcare is often complex and change can be challenging---but with RCP, it’s completely different. Transform your practice and get started today!

Four Things You Need To Know About The Program

New Programs

CMS and other payers are now adopting remote care management programs and RCP is your partner for easily supporting them in your practice

What's Required

A growing list of equipment supporting health care conditions and 94 different care plan templates allow for fast patient set-up and management.

Data Delivery

Many programs require “device reported data” and with RCP’s plug-and-play Hub, it’s easy to comply.

Your Time

Programs require monitoring for a specified minimum time per month. RCP helps track that time automatically

Our Unique Team Delivers

Software architects, wireless network experts, healthcare organization operations and billing professionals, and healthcare organization executives with regulatory experience are all part of the RCP Team

software development


Wireless connectivity

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