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Health care organizations are now deploying remote health care technologies to improve patient health and reduce the growth in health care costs. Payers often require patients to use advanced equipment in their homes or self-report data that is then reviewed by authorized personnel, logged, and archived. RCP is the partner you need with devices, connectivity to your practice, and a complete management portal and apps for your staff. 

Opportunities and Challenges for
Health Care Organizations

Payer billing codes are now often providing compensation to health care organizations to monitor patients outside of their offices. Physicians with Medicare patients can easily generate $1000 or more per patient per year in operating income net of expenses but more importantly, patient health outcomes improve too with lower overall growth in health care costs.

These new billing codes and programs require one or both of the following:

  • Deployment of health care devices to collect data from patient homes directly connected to the practice or health care organization.
  • Powerful communications capabilities to interact with patients for check in surveys or other needs.

Four Things You Need To Know About The Program

New Programs

Medicare and private payers are now adopting remote care management billing with over $100 per patient per month.  .

What's Required

Variety of equipment supporting common physiological conditions.  These need to be Bluetooth enabled.  

Data Delivery

Equipment must report directly to practice, no exclusive reliance on patient self-reporting.  

Your Time

Programs require monitoring for a specified minimum time per month. RCP helps track that time automatically

Our Unique Team Delivers

Software architects, wireless network experts, health care organization operations and billing professionals, and health care organization executives with regulatory experience are all part of the RCP Team

software development


wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity

our ecosystem


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Get A Free Formal Proposal to Serve Your Needs

RCP works closely with its clients to deliver exceptional services to meet the needs of patients, health care organizations, and other stakeholders. RCP is staffed with technology and medical practice and wireless network professionals addressing the needs of health care organizations seeking to deploy remote care management and other new emerging care models.

RCP combines advanced and powerful software, hardware, and advances in wireless networks to provide a fully secure application and personalized for each patient.

RCP programs often require no upfront investment and are cash flow positive quickly, if not immediately. Have a quick discussion with the RCP team and receive a free proposal, including implementation details, and you can be up and running in days. 

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