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Now more than ever, Remote Patient Care is essential.

The RCP Platform offers critical advantages for patients, staff, and providers.

For Patients:

  • Incredibly easy – patients simply plug-in the SmartHub
  • Connects directly to their dedicated care team
  • Provides early detection of health issues
  • Proven to improve outcomes and lower the cost of care
  • Provides important feedback increasing adherence
  • Provides actionable data for better health outcomes
  • Offers a more accurate view of your patients’ health

For Staff:

  • Fully-integrated platform requires minimal training
  • Can be ready to set up patients and monitor device data in less than 15 minutes
  • No need to inventory or ship equipment – we can do that for you
  • Patient communications are seamless
  • Software allows for easy compliance with Medicare and other payer requirements
  • Provides detailed logs and summary information
  • Compatible with almost any Bluetooth device
  • Easily exports to EMR

For Providers:

  • Provides actionable patient data to improve patient outcomes
  • Patients do not have to self-report data – our SmartHub is fully automated
  • Supports multiple payer billing codes with a variety of program requirements including patient reported and device reported data
  • Integrated communications capabilities log all interactions with patients
  • Providers can easily work with patients in teams, handling a variety of wellness tasks – unlike other solutions (traditional Telehealth)
  • A safer way to monitor and provide care to at-risk patients
  • Offers a consistent revenue stream – earn up to $150 in monthly compensation per patient and can be automatically billed by RCP on behalf of the practice

Our Telehealth Solution creates a true Virtual Office Visit experience.

It’s more intuitive for patients and much more intuitive for doctors and nurses. Just like a traditional office visit, with the RCP Platform, patients “move” from room to room.


Waiting Room

Patients are greeted by a staff member who takes their vitals and information. The patient is then moved to the Exam Room.

Exam Room

The doctor and staff can virtually visit with the patient and develop a care plan. After the exam, the patient moves to the Post-Exam Room.

Post- Exam Room

The final step of the patient’s virtual office visit is to review the care plan, answer questions and schedule follow up.

Compared to the RCP Platform, traditional Telehealth Solutions just don’t do enough.

Remote Care Partners was created by two partner companies working together and sharing their unique expertise to create a Remote Patient Care Platform that’s so advanced, it’s simple.

CapabilityTelehealth CompaniesRCP
Video Sessions with Patients
Telephone Calls with Patient from anywhere using main office phone number
Text using Main Office Phone Number (any staff)
Broadcast Messaging
Interactive Messaging
Care Plan Messaging
Point & Click Care Plans
Remote Care Management (Medicare and some Medicaid)
Tracking Staff & Patient Time Tracking

The RCP Platform doesn’t just generate actionable patient data – it manages the data.

  • Accurately “see” the health of your patients
  • Translates activities into billable events
  • Optimizes your billing
  • Easily adapts to rule changes and payment support
  • Provides supporting data for compliance

More time for patient care is a key RCP advantage.

We make billing easy.

Staff does not need to learn a new system – our billing platform is integrated into the RCP Platform and it can be fully automated

We make patient enrollment easy.

We provide custom recorded messages and communication forms – we also provide an enrollment team to get you started

We make data management easy.

Improve patient adherence, practice profitability, and staff efficiency with actionable data that will help you work smarter

We can have your office ready to enroll patients in less than an hour.

We welcome new partners.

Find out how becoming an RCP Partner can position you for long-term success.