Benefits for
Your Patients, Your Staff, Your Practice

Your Patients

Your Practice

Your Staff

Benefits For Patients

  • Early detection of health issues proven to improve outcomes and costs
  • Remote care programs provide important feedback increasing adherence
  • Equipment provides direct measurement of health data
  • Day-to-day monitoring offers more accurate view of patient’s health
  • Better outcomes, easy to do, saves time and money

Financial Benefits

  • Medicare and other payers now adopting programs to incent primary care physicians and other health care organizations to adopt remote care management
  • New Medicare billing codes 99454 and 99457 combined provides up to $114 in monthly compensation per patient.  No restrictions, everyone 65 and older eligible.   Must have equipment placed in home and directly communicate to physician (no self-reporting of data).  Limited today to physicians
  • Patient co-pay required
  • Healthier patients, higher satisfaction scores
  • Private insurers adopting other programs with similar characteristics
  • 100 patients can generate $100,000 or more in annual income for physicians

Benefits To Staff

  • RCP is a full-service platform that minimizes burdens on staff
  • Ordering portal, delivery of equipment, RCP Hub minimizes work of patient to set up (just plug it in).   No need for pairing of Bluetooth devices or access to patient Wi-Fi service or cell phone
  • RCP cloud-based software and apps allow for easy interaction with service and to comply with Medicare and other payer requirements
  • Be up and running in days
  • Use RCP provided marketing materials to assist you with informing patients
  • Detailed logs and summary information
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