Remote Care Management

Automated Patient Assessments

  • Effective tool to manage chronic care patients
  • Triage patients in-office or through virtual visits
  • Choose from 95 pre-built, disease-state-specific surveys to regularly assess and engage chronic care patient population
  • Drive practice revenue

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Leverage technology for real-time management and minimize the need for frequent in-office visits.
  • Device measurements automatically sent to provider for review via the RCP SmartHub 
  • Does NOT USE patients Wi-Fi or Internet. 100% Set-Up Free.
  • All devices sent to patients and maintained by Remote Care Partners
  • Training, Monitoring, and Patient Interaction Reimbursed by CMS and Private Payers
  • Available Devices: Scale, Pulse Oximeter, Blood Pressure Cuff, Glucometer, Thermometer, Spirometer
  • Remote Assessments
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Voice and Text Reminders
  • Individual Patient Surveys 
  • Practice Setup and Training
  • Risk Stratification
  • Patient Enrollment Support
  • Financing
  • Shipping
  • Patient/Family App and Portal

Remote Patient Monitoring

A Streamlined Approach

Patient uses equipment as directed

Data Automatically uploaded to provider dashboard

Comprehensive patient logs and records make for easy monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Enrollment Support - At No Cost

  • Send Remote Care Partners (RCP) your list of target patients 
  • RCP takes it from there
  • Sends Direct Mail
  • Follows up via voice and text messages
  • Fields inbound calls
  • Handles enrollment
  • Ships and maintains devices
  • You receive daily enrollment report


expected patient
enrollment in

the first 
90-120 days
with RCP Help

Remote Patient Monitoring

Turnkey and Convenient

Cash Flow Positive

Day 1, Patient 1