A clinical portal that supports  both the Medical and business needs of a virtual care program

Real Time Notification of Patients in need of attention

Based on a practitioner approved patient centric treatment plan the RCP Portal notifies the assigned clinician, in near real-time, when their patient’s vital sign readings are out of the expected range.

Parameters can be individually set by patient for each assigned medical device. When a patient’s readings fall outside of the established parameters, the Portal creates an alert or alarm.

Patient with an ALERT status patients are highlighted and moved to the top of the reports allowing assigned clinicians to focus quickly on patients with out of range readings. The idea is a clinician can start their day and quickly focus on those patients with captured readings outside of the established range and then work all with other patients on a scheduled basis.

Automatic data Capture for Maximum Reimbursement

Automatically captures time spent reviewing patient data or communicating with the patient. The portal also lets clinicians adjust time or add time for off-platform actvities

Comprehensive Dashboard To Easily Manage Assigned Patients

The Portal’s comprehensive dashboard makes it easy for a clinician to manage their assigned patients. The dashboard highlights patients with fewer readings than desired and those patients that are in need of direct communication. This allows the practice to provide better patient care and at the same time maximize reimbursements based on number of monthly readings and time spent managing a patient’s health.

Key Features

  1. Trends and Insights
  2. Automatic Time Logging
  3. Customizable Care Plans
  4. Alerts
  5. Questionnaires/Surveys/Check-ins
  6. Text Messaging
  7. Multiple Conditions Management
  8. Video Chat/Video Calling
  9. Educational Content

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