Easy for you.

With Remote Care Partners, you can provide care from anywhere – just like you’re in the office.

Remote Patient Care only works if it works for everyone.

Just imagine. For patients there’s no need to download an app or synch anything. For staff, training takes less than 15 minutes. For doctors, quality care can be provided to almost any patient, outside of a traditional office setting. That’s the power of the RCP Platform.

Remote Care Partners has eliminated the barriers to remote patient care.


We make communicating with patients simple and seamless. Devices are shipped direct - and all patients have to do is plug in our SmartHub. No downloading. No synching. No kidding.


No complicated training required. In fact, staff can be ready to enroll patients and monitor device data in less than 15 minutes. Point. Click. Done. It’s that easy.


We reach the patients other systems can’t reach. Best of all, the RCP Platform makes it easy to communicate with patients. Everything you need for true telehealth is included.

The Remote Care Partners Platform has benefits on top of benefits.


  • Billing platform is integrated into the RCP Platform and can be fully automated
  • Integrated clearinghouse for eligibility and claim transmittal
  • Staff does not need to learn a new billing program

Patient Enrollment

  • Patient lists can be uploaded for easy onboarding
  • We provide custom recorded message for patient outreach
  • Includes an automated interactive voice response system
  • Patient communication forms are provided
  • We support you with an enrollment set up team

Data Management

  • We provide time tracking and audit support
  • Automated system ensures patient adherence
  • Increases staff efficiency and easily identifies resource management metrics
  • Increases profitability of each patient and overall programs including billing data
  • Includes easy to use tools to manage patient population on an overall, segment, and individual basis
  • Provides condensed and detailed reporting

Our Telehealth solution will change the way you – and your patients – think about Telehealth.

We call it a virtual office visit for a reason.

Remote Care Partners devices can monitor a patients’ weight, pulse and blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, glucose, and temperature.


Pulse Ox

Blood Pressure Cuff

Digital Thermometer

Glucose Meter


No up-front cost.
No long-term contract.
No kidding.

Partner with Remote Care Partners and we can have you ready to enroll your first patient in as little as an hour. We ship any devices you request direct – to your patients or your practice. We take care of bringing your staff up to speed – in 15 minutes or less. We even handle time-tracking, record-keeping, and billing.

We welcome new partners.

Find out how becoming an RCP Partner can position you for long-term success.