The RCP Platform was designed with patients (and staff) in mind.

Because it's easy, it's effective.


Two simple steps and you're ready to enroll patients

  • We send you user credentials
  • We walk your staff through set-up, so intuitive it takes less than 15 minutes

It's that easy. No upfront investment required. No long-term contracts. Our innovative structure assures cash flow positive results in your first month.

Cloud-based Staff Portal.

The RCP Platform is supported by a cloud-based staff portal that includes web login and also downloadable apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It?s simple to use so your practice can set up new patients and monitor those enrolled quickly and easily.

The RCP Video SmartHub and Interactive Video SmartHub

For patients, it's as easy as plugging in the  Video SmartHub.

When you enroll a patient, seamless communication happens when and how you choose. Patients can easily make an appointment and care reminders can be sent automatically. If remote monitoring is required, we ship our Video SmartHub - and any devices you request- direct to the patient. (If you prefer, you can also stock devices in your office. When the patient receives their devices, they simply plug the Video SmartHub into a wall outlet. No need to download an app. No need to synch anything. The SmartHub does it all and it works on a cellular network so no internet connection is required.

For staff, it's as intuitive as using a Smart Phone.

Enrolling patients is easy. Just 5 simple screens.
Point. Click. Done. We provide a complete patient management system that can be accessed from almost any device. Should data fall outside of parameters set for an individual patient, the SmartHub automatically sends alerts to care managers. If patients have a question about equipment, we provide the support. We even handle the delivery of devices to patients. Best of all, data collected by patient devices and automated text and voice surveys (powered by Alexa) is automatically logged - this includes all interactions with patients.

Provide remote care to almost any patient population.

Physicians can set parameters for each patient for readings from various devices or for patient responses to voice and text surveys. When a patient falls outside of the parameters, the system creates an alert or alarm. Alert status patients are highlighted and moved to the top of most reports.

With the RCP Platform everything is configurable per patient and device.

Patient communication is fully automated.

The RCP Platform is designed to actually increase patient interaction to help improve overall care.

Care reminders are sent to patients automatically via text or phone. The physician or care manager selects a time each day when measurements are expected to be collected and the RCP Platform does the rest.

If the patient has not yet used the device, a text reminder is sent within a specified time frame.
If the patient does not respond to the text, or the patient does not use a cell phone, an automated call is sent.

If a patient is traveling, the patient can click on a link to enter their data if responding to a text or, using voice recognition, they can simply state their measurements.

Reminders can also be sent regarding taking medications, making appointments, etc.