Instant Telehealth

A Robust Telehealth Experience at no cost to you or your patients

  • Easily integrates into daily provider workflow ? manage both in-office and telehealth visits from same provider dashboard.
  • Provides an enhanced patient experience that makes the most of the wait time.
  • No need to integrate with your EMR.
  • No patient application. Works on any browser.
  • Patients join from a text or email message.
  • Totally secure. HIPAA Compliant.

Instant Telehealth

How It Works

1. Invite Your Patient

Invite your patient to your virtual office by Email or Text Message, directly from the dashboard. You can also cut and paste your personal URL directly into an email or text message sent from your EMR, Appointment Manager, or other system.

2. One Click Patient Connection

With a single click on your custom room URL, your patient will be instantly brought to your virtual office. The patient does not need to download an application. Instant Telehealth works from any browser and on any mobile device. There is no cost to the patient and its 100% HIPAA compliant.

3. Patient Arrival

When your patient arrives, they simply enter their name and acknowledge the rules of use. With a click on the Check In button, they will be brought to your virtual waiting room.

4. The Waiting Room

While in the Waiting Room, your patients see video instructions about how to make the best use of the their telehealth visit. If you or a member of your staff are not immediately available for the appointment, your patient will be shown educational videos based on your practice specialty. 

You can also text chat with your patient, right from the Instant Telehealth Console

Your View

Patient View

5. Connect

Talk with your patient, enter notes, and even have additional staff join in the room

RCP Instant Telehealth

Easy To Use

Always Free

SaFe. Secure. Compliant.