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Remote care and changing care models engages a wide variety of companies and organizations assisting health care companies address the opportunities and challenges.

RCP works directly with physician practices and health care organizations with care management and remote care management programs. It also works with home care agencies and MessagePro, one of the founders of RCP, has a long relationship with the care management group of a major health insurer.

Ecosystem Partners

  • Health care consultants
  • Billing companies
  • Software companies including EHRs
  • IT consultants
  • ACOs
  • Referrals from other physician or home care agencies
  • Device manufacturers
  • Carriers and other telecom firms

Why Choose Us?

Key Components of Solution

Remote and chronic care programs require interaction with the patient and often devices in their homes.  RCP solutions include interactive messaging plus full device management, and makes it easy for patients to set up and use.

Integrate into Healthcare Existing Workflows

Remote care and chronic care are important new additions to any health care organization but staff buy-in and fitting new opportunities into existing processes is an important facet of quick adoption.  RCP makes that happen

Powerful Portal and Apps

Easily set up new patients and interact with those using your remote care and care management programs.  Great reporting and time tracking, too.   Access on PC or Mac the RCP website or use the apps from any mobile device.  Intuitive yet powerful interface

Build Your Remote Care Management (RCM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) Programs with Remote Care Partners

Health care is changing--get the partner that can address the areas you need to be successful.  You provide the care, RCP will provide the communications and devices to make a difference to your patients and organization

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