RCP Remote Patient Monitoring is the most comprehensive RPM program in the industry.

Improved Patient Outcomes, Maximum Financial Returns, Mimimal Distruption To Workflows.

  • Interactive Secure Texting between Patient and Care Team
  • One-Touch Telehealth
  • Patient Specific Learning Library
  • Vital Signs, Activity Detailed, and Financial Reports
  • EMR Integration
  • Condition/Patient Specific Surveys


The Interactive Video SmartHub

The Interactive Video SmartHub is the nerve center of the RPM Program. It can collect patient data directly from RCP-provided devices, and it allows patients to enter their own data. The visual interface delivers a superior patient experience, including medication reminders, one-touch telehealth, interactive communications with their Care Team, and much more.


Nurse Coaches and Care Teams

Our nurse coaches play a crucial role in managing RPM programs by helping to improve patient outcomes, increasing patient engagement, and improving communication and care coordination. They provide the patient interaction required for a successful program without burdening your staff.



Text and voice reminders are a vital part of creating patient engagement. This includes reminders to use devices, upcoming office and telehealth appointments, and to take medications..



Wearables, like Continuous Glucose Monitors and Health Trackers, are becoming an important component of successful RPM programs. These devices relay their readings to our system without the patient having to take any action, ensuring that our nurses see all the data they need to spot negative trends and out of range readings.


Eligibility Qualification and Practice Set Up

Our team of data professionals performs advanced analytics on your patient population to ensure that only eligible patients are enrolled in the program. They also ensure that patients are issued the correct devices based on their condition.

Our enrollment team makes sure your practice is set up to maximize the benefits of RPM for your patients and your staff.


Patient And Caregiver
App and Portal

With smartphone applications and web-based portals for the patient and the caregiver, health information can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Patients control how much of their information is available to their caregivers, while caregivers can get alerts and critical reminders about the patient's health.