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Thank you for signing up for RCP?s COVID-19 Support Service. This Guide will enable us to expedite setting up and enabling your account. While you should have already supplied us with basic information such as your address and contact information, this guide will provide details relative to the additional information that we need to establish your staff access and identify the patients that we will be contacting on your behalf.

To make the set up process easy, we have established a simple process whereby you can upload your information to this secure website. Information will be uploaded through simple files that you can create either manually or through your normal practice systems.

To establish your service, we will need you to separately provide the information regarding your staff and the information regarding your patients. Both staff and patient data will need to be provided on an ?Office? specific basis.

Your Office Information

In RCP an Office is a discreet database of patients and the care team members that will manage those patients. Those care team members may be assigned to some or all of the patients within the Office, and will only have access and visibility into that group of patients to which they are assigned. An Office could be comprised of multiple care teams and their patients. Additionally, phone numbers for calling and texting patients are assigned to an Office. All communications to patients within that Office will use those phone numbers. When preparing your patient and staff files, please provide one or more files per Office. There is no practical limit to the number of Offices which can be established on your account.

Your Patient And Staff Information

Both staff and patient files submitted for uploading into our system share several common characteristics/requirements.
These are as follows:

  • Each Office must be submitted as a separate file.
  • The following file types will result in the the quickest upload: Excel, CSV
  • Files must contain a descriptive header row identifying the data
  • Use of our header row column names will expedite uploads
  • Submission of extra data in a file is allowed but will not be uploaded into RCP
  • All fields are REQUIRED unless specifically stated as ?Optional?