For An IT Firm

January 9

While your business with health care organizations are focused on IT services and support, you should be aware of new changes in Medicare (and expected to expand to Medicaid and private payers) to address remote patient care which requires additional IT resources.   

  • A clinic today that generates $1,000 per month in IT services revenue for your firm could be worth $15,000 or more with RCP services

  • Want to learn more----keep reading and get with RCP!

Practices Need to Connect with Patients to Meet New Payment Model Requirements

Medicare is aggressively launching new programs with the strong interest in driving down hospitalization costs.   There are two major reasons for physicians to be interested: (a) it works for patients! and (b) it?s a major step in changing how care is provided to patients with highly attractive economics. All without incurring disruption to existing workflows, upfront investments, or sharply higher workloads.

This is a huge potential opportunity for practices and health care systems capable of generating over $500 to $2,400 in revenue per year per patient!    300 Medicare patients can generate $750,000 in new revenue and margins of 60% or higher are fully possible your practices.  And you can make significant fee income (it?s patient based and not physician or staff based) by working with RCP.

RCP has a total solution allowing practices to be up and running with both programs in 60 days or less:

  • No capital or up-front investment required

  • Cash flow positive month 1

  • 60% margins including expected costs including staff time

  • Modest changes to workflows (most practices build around annual wellness visits)

Remote Care Partners Inc. (RCP) is the partner your practices need to make this a reality quickly and with only modest changes in workflows of the practice.  Let?s work together to jointly deliver these services to your practices and their patients..   And you can make up to $60 per year per patient with a share of RCP fees for helping manage the program.   250 patients (most physicians serve over 400 Medicare patients today, these programs are expanding fast to non-seniors) would generate $15,000 per year for your firm (per physician!)

Let me send you more information or happy to meet via the web or in person when your schedule permits.


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