RCP Introduces Important Physician Support Tools for COVID-19 at-Risk Patients

March 24

TAMPA, Fla., March 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Remote Care Partners, Inc. ("RCP"), provider of advanced communications solutions for the medical community, today announced that it has expedited the introduction of a robust set of physician tools supporting at-home patient monitoring for COVID-19 at-risk patients.  The platform contacts patients by voice or text message, asks a series of questions and gives the patient the opportunity to contact their care team. Through RCP's secure portal, healthcare providers can review patient responses, determine the potential need for COVID-19 testing and take action to initiate a care plan for patients.

Gregg Smith, RCP CEO, stated, "Physicians can leverage text and voice solutions to check-in with patients without having the patients come to their physical office.  We have expedited Service availability and simplified our procedures such that a practice with 2,000 patients can be set up in an hour through an easy file transfer containing just 4 data entries per patient. Outbound patient contacts begin that same day. Our HIPAA compliant applications collect vital patient information allowing healthcare providers to review data and focus on the patients that need the most attention while giving all patients assurance that their condition is being actively reviewed."

James Gledhill, RCP's CTO stated, "We remotely collect vital patient information through RCP's HIPAA compliant applications allowing the physician and their staff to focus on the patients that need attention and do it in a safe environment.  Over the last 72 hours, we have responded to physician requests and have simplified setup procedures to enable submission of patient data through a downloaded file from the physicians existing practice management system. All just need the file with 4 key fields to set up and start contacting patients."

Smith emphasized, "Healthcare can't wait, it needs instant solutions to meet the demands that COVID-19 requires. We are happy to be positioned to expedite our service rollout and simplify our setup process to meet these critical needs."

For more information specific to RCPs COVID-19 Response effort, visit https://remotecarepartners.com/covid-19-response/

About Remote Care Partners:
Remote Care Partners, Inc.(remotecarepartners.com) is a Tampa based company formed in 2019 to provide medical technology solutions supporting better treatment of patients with chronic conditions.  It was formed collaboratively through executives of MessagePro, Inc., Hive, LLC and Sunflower Home Health, LLC.


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