Remote Care Partners Joining National Community Pharmacists Association: A New Era in Healthcare

July 3

The healthcare landscape is continuously evolving, and the recent partnership between Remote Care Partners (RCP) and the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) is a testament to this dynamic industry.

Who is Remote Care Partners?

Remote Care Partners is an innovative company that is revolutionizing healthcare delivery by leveraging technology. Their mission is to improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life through remote care management services. RCP provides a slew of services, including chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, and behavioral health integration. RCP provides virtual care solutions that enable independent pharmacies to launch virtual care clinics. 

What is the National Community Pharmacists Association?

The National Community Pharmacists Association is a prominent entity in the healthcare sector. The NCPA represents the pharmacist owners, managers, and employees of more than 21,000 independent community pharmacies across the United States. Their mission is to promote the pharmacist's role in enhancing patient care and advocating for independent pharmacists.

The RCP & NCPA: A Game Changer in Healthcare

By joining the NCPA, RCP hopes to lead a significant reshaping within the healthcare industry. RCP can help the members of the NCPA  offer a more comprehensive range of services, thereby improving patient care and outcomes. By implmenting a program of Pharmacy-based care by partnering with RCP, independent pharmacists can play a more significant role in managing patients' health, especially those with chronic conditions. With RCP's expertise in remote patient monitoring and the NCPA's extensive network of community pharmacists, this partnership could create a significant andvance in proactive patient care.


National Community Pharmacists Association, NCPA

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