Short Version For Billing Companies

January 9

Many physician groups and other healthcare companies are now asking about the new Medicare programs for remote care management and chronic care management.   There?s good reason to do so: (a) it works for patients and Medicare with better health outcomes, fewer hospitalizations, and more closely links patients to their practices and (b) it can be quite positive for financial results. 

300 Medicare patients can generate $750,000 in new practice revenue and margins of 60% or higher are fully possible for physician groups.  

RCP has a total solution allowing practices  to be up and running with both programs in 60 days or less:

  • No capital or up-front investment required

  • Cash flow positive month 1

  • Equipment and network connectivity for patients in RCM programs delivered directly to patient all set up to work?using the RCP Hub (a wireless device) requiring no set up by patient, apps, or linking to patient home network or mobile phone.  JUST PLUG IN AND START USING

  • Time tracking, reporting, and optimized billing data for both programs

  • Automated calling and texting (bots) that can easily interact with patients and collect patient data for review by staff

  • All patient support services

Practices spend months trying to assemble a service set to meet the opportunity and requirements of these new programs---what you really need is a partner to make it a reality in 30 to 60 days!   Your practices are cash flow positive month 1 with RCP.   And you can make $5 to $12 extra per month per patient with a share of RCP fees for managing the program and increased revenue applicable to your billing charges.

Let me send you more information or I'm happy to meet via the web or in person when your schedule permits.


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