Short Version For IT Firms

January 9

Here?s an opportunity you should learn more about if you work with health care organizations!

Medicare and other payers are strongly incenting medical practices to adopt new programs to monitor patients health outside of their offices.   These new programs are lucrative to health care organizations but impose real challenges for deployment. We can jointly deliver the services needed to meet their needs.  

The Issue:  Practices Need to Electronically Connect with Patients to Meet New Payment Model Requirements--Data cannot be reported by the Patient and Qualify for Payments (in many programs)

Remote Care Partners Inc. (RCP) is the partner your practices need.  Our innovative Hub (uses major carrier wireless networks) integrates with equipment prescribed by the physician and the patient only has to do is PLUG IT IN.   We provide a total clinician workspace, billing assistance, and more to make the impact on any practice relatively small. There is no up-front investment required, and the programs are cash flow positive to the practice month 1.

Financial Impacts are Substantial for All 

  • 250 patients can generate over $250,000 in incremental  income to providers

  • Your firm can earn $15,000 per year in fee income per physician

  • Medicare and other payers have conclusively shown it save money on overall healthcare costs

Want to learn more?  Let me send you more information or I?m happy to meet via the web or in person when your schedule permits.


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