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Continuous Patient Interaction For Maximum Return


expand Your role in patient care

Pharmacists are becoming an increasingly important part of the healthcare system. Consulting with patients on how to manage their medical conditions, offering advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes, helping with medication adherence, providing vaccinations, and even offering support for mental health issues, are all part of your expanding role. Providing access to Virtual Care buids on this trajectory and makes you an even more integral part of your patients' health jouney.

build on the trusted relationship you have with your customers


Deliver New Services and Find New Customers

With big box retail and mail order pharmacies making it difficult for independent pharmacies to offer competitive prices, you must look at ways to provide additional value-added services to your customers in order to stay competitive. By embracing new services like Virtual Care and adapting to ever-changing customer needs, independent pharmacies can stay one step ahead of their larger competitors and attract loyal customers who appreciate the personalized attention they receive.

Virtual Care will Expand Your Base and Revenue per customer


Manage Declining Prescription margins 

Over the last five years, prescription costs have been on a steady decline. As a result, profits for many pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies have dropped significantly. The reasons for this are varied but include increased competition, better access to generic medications, and more stringent government regulations. This trend is likely to continue as more people gain access to healthcare and focus increases on making healthcare more affordable.

Secure Margins and Prescription Revenue for Lasting Success

Virtual Care answers these challenges

Leverage your personal connection to your clients

A virtual care clinic is an advanced solution that utilizes telemedicine technology to provide remote access to quality healthcare services. This efficient system can allow patients to connect with medical professionals online, eliminating costly overhead costs associated with in-person visits and permitting easier health surveillance.

Through your pharmacy or DME, you have access to a steady stream of patients for whom virtual care is an ideal solution. RCP has the medical staff and technology to make to possible for you be part of a virtual care clinic. 

Dr. Kevin Young

Helping My Patients and Helping My Practice


I started working with RCP in early 2020. I began a small Remote Care trial program and have steadily built it up over the past year. Over this past year, I have learned that Remote Care is a powerful tool to help my patients take an active role in their own care, also allowing me to monitor their care with far more precision than ever before. I have improved my overall care of my patients, and in several cases, I have been able to help patients avoid Emergency Department visits and hospitalizations. Working with RCP on my RCM program has also helped my practice open a good source of revenue during a very unpredictable year. For the health of our patients and the health of our practices, I would absolutely recommend Primary Care Practices to explore RCM programs, and RCP has helped me immeasurably with this.

Terms like Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management, and Principal Care management mean nothing to your patients. Our experience shows that using these terms can make patients believe that these programs are only for the sick.

In response, we have created the HealthyConnect brand. It is promoted as a program designed to complement a patient’s healthy lifestyle. It includes a provider supported by real-time technology and a personal Nurse Coach that helps patients and care teams keep in touch between regular office visits. HealthyConnect is designed to make patients feel they are in control of their health journey. 

The HealthyConnect Program Includes:

  • Targeted Direct Mail
  • In Office Marketing Materail
  • Patient Enrollment Support