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Improve Your Patient’s Health with Virtual Care

In a recent examination of 410 patients using our service to monitor their blood pressure over three months, we collected 17,500 viable reading. Analysis  shows that patient Blood Pressure improved on more than 60% of the days examined. In addition, the variablity of patient readings stabilized, showing that the program help bring Blood Pressure under control. 

adding virtual care offers both
short and long term patient benfits


Launch a virtual care program 30 days or less will little impact on your time or current office workflows

With our clinical staff, medical providers, and dedicated customer success team (account executives, financial/billing analysts, and enrollment specialists), RCP does most of the "Heavy Lifting" when implementing your Virtual Care Program.

Operationally, our nurse coaches (registered nurses) work directly with your patients as a resource on their health journey and regularly review readings. They add notes to your EMR and escalate cases to you and your staff, when necessary. By adding RCP nurse practitioners, who would also work within your EMR, to your virtual team, you can eliminate 95% of the medical management required by you and your staff. 

adding virtual care with RCP does not signficantly add to Your time commitment or staff workload


Virtual care programs with RCP will deliver increased revenues and improved profitability for your practice.

Short Answer: A single patient billing just 2 codes in RPM, CCM, or both (such as 16 days/month of device readings and a 20 minute check-in segment) can mean $30 in profit per month. This equates to $60,000 straight to your bottom line annually for just 500 patients enrolled.

Longer Answer: In Fee-for-Service Arrangements, our programs redirect healthcare reimbursement dollars to lower cost prevention and maintenance helping avoid downstream hospitalizations. This means medical providers have improved ability to intervene early and often, keeping patients healthier, while helping pay for practice growth and enhancements

As practices ready themselves for Value Based Arrangements, medical providers will be financially responsible for the medical spend associated with keeping their patients healthy; it’s imperative they have tools to avoid costly “sick care”. RPM is a lower cost program that can be done at scale, meet patients where they are, prevent higher acuity cases, and help avoid costly care that eats into capitation margins. We also have a text messaging care program (dual factor and secure) that can do surveys, and check-ins that can be deployed with RPM or independently.

No capital required, cash flow positive, month 1, patient 1

Terms like Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management, and Principal Care management mean nothing to your patients. Our experience shows that using these terms can make patients believe that these programs are only for the sick.

In response, we have created the HealthyConnect brand. It is promoted as a program designed to complement a patient’s healthy lifestyle. It includes a provider supported by real-time technology and a personal Nurse Coach that helps patients and care teams keep in touch between regular office visits. HealthyConnect is designed to make patients feel they are in control of their health journey. 

The HealthyConnect Program Includes:

  • Targeted Direct Mail
  • In Office Marketing Materail
  • Patient Enrollment Support
Dr. Kevin Young

Helping My Patients and Helping My Practice


I started working with RCP in early 2020. I began a small Remote Care trial program and have steadily built it up over the past year. Over this past year, I have learned that Remote Care is a powerful tool to help my patients take an active role in their own care, also allowing me to monitor their care with far more precision than ever before. I have improved my overall care of my patients, and in several cases, I have been able to help patients avoid Emergency Department visits and hospitalizations. Working with RCP on my RCM program has also helped my practice open a good source of revenue during a very unpredictable year. For the health of our patients and the health of our practices, I would absolutely recommend Primary Care Practices to explore RCM programs, and RCP has helped me immeasurably with this.