RCP Video SmartHub Is Here – Shipping in September

August 2

Remote Care Partners Announces the Video SmartHub: A Feature-Rich Visual Interface for Patients 

Remote Care Partners is excited to announce the Video SmartHub, a feature-rich visual interface for patients. This innovative product will start shipping in September and features a sleek design with an intuitive user experience. The Video Smart Hub provides an additional layer of feedback to patients, making it easier than ever for them to stay connected with their care team.

"While our current flagship SmartHub, which is used by tens of thousands of patients, is reliable and easy to use." stated Remote Care Partners CEO Gregg Smith. "However, it lacks a visual interface and is simply used to collect data, inform the patient that the data was sent, and manage connections with patient devices.

The new Video SmartHub adds a visual interface that enables us to give additional feedback to patients, including charts of their past readings, educational videos, and content-rich messages to and from their care team," continued Smith. "It is this level of engagement that we believe will help keep patients more connected to their care team and improve health outcomes."

The visual interface is available on two new versions of the SmartHub. The SmartHub 5 and the SmartHub 8. The SmartHub 5 features a 4.25" by 3.25" screen. The SmartHub 8 has a larger 6.8" x 4.25" screen and will also include real-time video telehealth sessions. The Video SmartHub is getting high marks from beta users. Starting mid-September, all new Remote Patient Monitoring patients will receive a video SmartHub.

This screenshot shows the welcome screen of Video SmartHub.

The Video SmartHub is just one of the many ways that Remote Care Partners is committed to providing the best possible care for patients. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks! If you have any questions that need immediate attention about the Video SmartHub or how to get started with Remote Patient Monitoring, please reach out to your Account Executive. 

Account Executives will be sharing more information on the Video SmartHub in the coming weeks. It is 100% dedicated to healthcare, and all data is fully encrypted. It will stand out for almost any patient as an exciting new development in patient care.


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