CMS Chronic and Remote Care Management CPT Codes

Can Dramatically Impact Your Bottom Line and Cash Flow

Starting in 2018, CMS started direct reimbursement for the provision of Chronic Care Management Services via CPT 99490 and CPT 99491. In 2019, CMS expanded payments for remote care through PT Code 99493, CPT 99454 and CPT 99457.

RCP provides an integrated communications solution which combines remote patient monitoring, with chronic care management and voice, text and telehealth engagement.

  • Easily  tap into CPT driven recurring revenue streams
  • Log and Record Time to effortlessly meet CMS compliance requirements
  • Pick and Choose Services Provided ? No Long Term Contract
  • Encrypted Cloud Based Technology/HIPAA Compliant
  • Immediately Cash Flow Positive with Remote Staff Access via Web Portal

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CPT Code

Abbreviated Description 

CPT 99490

Chronic Care Management Services ? At Lease 20 Minutes Clinical Staff Time Monthly for Patients with 2 Chronic Conditions ? Comprehensive Care Plan Established, Implemented, Monitored

CPT 99453

Remote Monitoring of Physiologic Parameters (Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Respiratory Flow) ? Initial Equip Setup & Patient Education

CPT 99454

Monthly Device Supply ? Daily Recordings or Programmed Alerts

CPT 99497

Remote Physiologic Monitoring Treatment management ? 20 Minutes of Qualified Health Professional Time Per Month with at Least One Interactive Communication with Patient During the Month

What This Could Mean To Your Practice

Medicare Program


Allocation of 500
Eligible Patients

Base Monthly Fee

Projected Monthly Revenue
 Per Patient

Projected Monthly

Estimated Annual

Chronic Care Management

Patient Report Data - Two Chronic Conditions






Remote Patient Monitoring

Automated Data Reporting - 100% Medicare Eligible







Est. 60% Medicare Patients Eligible For Both






Telehealth Visits

$120 Average Visit- 50% of Patients Use Per Month






Total Revenues

$     119,110

$    1,429,320

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