Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor 


  • More Accurate Than The Dexcom G6 and Any Other CGM Available in America 
  • Get Real-Time Glucose Results direction on your RCP Video SmartHub


  • Dexcom G7 Sensors are 60% Smaller** than G6 Sensors, Making Them More Discreet And Easier To Use
  • Warms Up in 30 Minutes, 2X Faster Than Any Other CGM
  • Dexcom G7 Sensors Feature a built-in 12-Hour Grace Period to Replace Finished Sensors For a More Seamless Transition Between Sessions

Reliable and Discreet

  • No Fingersticks
  • The Dexcom G7's Sensors Are Waterproof Up to 2.4 meters
  • The Dexcom G7 is the Only iCGM Trusted For Use During Pregnancy
  • Works With your RCP Video SmartHub. See Your Glucose Numbers, Trends, and Results, All On One Simple Screen